About Me

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Nothing drives me more than the pursuit of knowledge. As I age, I find my desire to learn only grows stronger. About a year ago, I decided to let my thirst for knowledge lead me where it would. I soon found myself immersed in the world of coding. The more I studied, the more I recognized the perfect path coding is for someone so driven by learning because, as I am discovering each day, there is always something new just around the corner. I invite you to have a look at by resume here or download it here.


Conference Site Mockup
Conference Demo Site

A landing page for a fictional conference that uses Bootstrap for the layout, design, and functionality.

Newsletter Signup Mockup
Newsletter Signup Page

A signup page focusing on the semantics and customization of forms and inputs.

Directory Mockup
Employee Directory

A directory using an API to generate random employee information.

Photo Gallery Mockup
Photo Gallery

A user-friendly, interactive photo gallery with lightbox and search functions.

Four-in-a-Row Game Mockup
Four-in-a-Row Game

A four in a row game focusing on object oriented programming with vanilla JS.

React Scoreboard Mockup
React Scoreboard

A scoreboard with multiple functioning parts including a stopwatch and leader marker.



My coding journey began with a few online courses introducing HTML and CSS. I was blown away by what I could do, or more accurately, what I hoped I could do someday, with a few lines of well-written CSS. After whetting my appetite, I quickly moved on to JavaScript where my mind was re-blown. I've spent the bulk of my time studying these 3 langauges. I'm comfortable with and fond of all three.

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While I am still continuing to learn in the vanilla JS and CSS realm, I couldn't help but start to look for what was next. After doing some research, I decided that my next goal would be to take on the most popular JS framework, React. I had no idea what I was in for. There is so much to learn! In addition to React, I've set my sights on becoming more comfortable with Bootstrap, Tailwind, and TypeScript. These are my current, admittedly lofty, goals.


The most exciting thing about the world of coding is the fact that there's always something new on the horizon. I'm currently looking forward to getting a handle on state management using Redux. I also can't wait to expand my abilities to the back end through node.js and start learning more about databases with mongoDB and data analysis with python. There is so much to learn and a limitless number of paths to follow.